National Day in Singapore: a unique and memorable experience!

Traveling to Singapore during National Day, celebrated annually on August 9, is an exciting opportunity to witness Island Nation Singapore in a festive and patriotic mood. The highlight of Singapore’s National Day is the extremely majestic parade, demonstrating the economic and political stature of this country. Coming here on this occasion, visitors will be able to witness the atmosphere and sounds of this special and heroic event. Jubilant fireworks displays and the sounds of helicopters and fighter planes marching in the air were extremely exciting and impressive. Especially on National Day, the whole island transforms in the yellow and red colors of flying flags, which is a very exciting occasion for visitors to have a wonderful experience.

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Here are some key things to know when planning your trip:

About National Day in Singapore

Malaysia was established in 1963, consisting of the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak, and North Borneo (now Sabah). However, the merger did not achieve as much success as expected and nearly two years later, on August 9, 1965, Singapore separated from Malaysia and became an independent country with its own territorial sovereignty.

National Day in Singapore is a significant event, commemorating the country’s independence from Malaysia in 1965. Singapore National Day is held annually on August 9. It is a day of pride and celebration for Singaporeans, featuring a range of activities, parades, and performances across the city.

The theme of Singapore National Day 2023 is “Onward As One”. This is a call to all Singaporeans to move forward together, building a brighter future for the nation. “As one” is also an affirmation of the unity and solidarity of Singaporeans, becoming a solid national bloc.

What to Expect

  1. National Day Parade (NDP): The highlight is the NDP, which includes a spectacular display of military parades, multicultural song-and-dance performances, and breathtaking aerial shows by the Singapore Air Force. The event usually takes place at The Float at Marina Bay or the National Stadium.
  2. Fireworks Display: A grand fireworks display is a staple of the celebrations. These are best viewed from Marina Bay, the Singapore River, or other vantage points around the city.
  3. Festive Atmosphere: The entire city is adorned with Singapore flags and lights. Many buildings and streets are decorated in red and white, reflecting the national colors.
  4. Concerts and Events: Various concerts and community events take place across the island, featuring local artists and performers.

Where should you visit on Singapore National Day?

  • National Museum of Singapore

At the National Museum of Singapore, visitors will explore the 700-year history of this country’s founding through extremely majestic galleries. To celebrate National Day, the National Museum of Singapore will organize many performances and free documentary film screenings for visitors.

  • Fort Canning Park

Another interesting place for you to learn about Singapore’s history is Fort Canning Park. Here, visitors can visit places filled with historical landmarks such as the fort gate, spiral staircase, James Brooke Napier Memorial, Port Sally,… The garden grounds are very large with many green lawns, you can freely stroll or picnic with your families here.

  • Kampung Gelam

Kampung Gelam is a place where visitors can find an extremely rich and diverse culture. This place is often called Singapore’s Muslim Quarter with its famous Masjid Sultann church. This is also an extremely busy center, featuring colorful fabrics, textiles, hand-woven Persian carpets, Arabic fragrant tea…

  • Marina Bay Sands Skypark or the Singapore Flyer

Here is a wonderful location for you to fully enjoy the Air Force and Navy Force performances. Best to come before sunset and wait to see the city lights come to life. And you can wait until 8 PM to enjoy performances.

In addition, there is another ideal location: the Singapore Flyer. Come to there in time to witness breathtaking aerial displays in front of Marina Bay, where the National Day Parade has been held every year since 2008.

When is the fireworks display to celebrate Singapore’s National Day 2023?

Fireworks display time will take place around 8:10 PM – 8:25 PM on August 9. The main color of Singapore’s National Day is red, visitors can choose costumes of this color when participating in events here.

Are stores open on Singapore National Day?

Although National Day is a holiday, most stores here will still be open.

Tips for Travelers

  1. Find out about the activities and events held during Independence Day to ensure you will experience the most complete and meaningful travel moments.
  2. Book Accommodations Early: Accommodations can fill up quickly for National Day. It’s advisable to book your stay well in advance.
  3. Plan for Crowds: Major attractions, especially around the Marina Bay area, will be crowded. Plan your itinerary accordingly and consider booking tickets for specific events in advance.
  4. Transport: Public transport is efficient but can be crowded during National Day. Taxis and ride-sharing services are good alternatives, though they might face high demand.
  5. Weather: Singapore in August is typically hot and humid with occasional rain. Dress comfortably and stay hydrated.

Cultural Etiquette

  1. Respect Local Customs: Singapore is known for its strict laws and social norms. Be mindful of local customs and regulations.
  2. Join in the Celebrations: National Day is a time of unity and joy. Feel free to participate in the festivities and express respect for the country’s achievements.
  3. Photography: While photography is generally allowed, be mindful of any restrictions, especially during the parade and at military displays.

Additional Attractions

Beyond the National Day festivities, Singapore offers a plethora of attractions:

  • Gardens by the Bay: A futuristic park with iconic Supertree structures.
  • Sentosa Island: A popular resort island with beaches, theme parks, and attractions.
  • Cultural Enclaves: Explore neighborhoods like Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam for a taste of Singapore’s multicultural heritage.


Experiencing National Day in Singapore is a unique and memorable experience. It’s a time when the nation’s culture, achievements, and community spirit are on full display. Planning ahead, being aware of local customs, and joining in the festive spirit are key to enjoying this vibrant celebration.