[The Eras Tour] Singapore benefits greatly economically from Taylor Swift’s appeal!

Taylor Swift’s first show at the Singapore National Stadium – as part of The Eras Tour – attracted up to 50,000 spectators, many of whom had been waiting a long time to witness this huge musical event. Southeast Asia (SEA).

It’s amazing, hundred thousand fans from adults to teenagers everywhere flock here to enjoy The Eras Tour of Taylor Swift – the giant show held by Singapore’s Government.

In addition to the superstar’s inherent appeal, the Singapore government’s efforts are very admirable when they spend a lot of money to get the approval of the famous singer under special conditions.

Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore said: We have negotiated to reach an agreement with Taylor Swift for her to come to Singapore to perform. This is also Taylor’s only destination in Southeast Asia. Funding was taken from the Tourism Development Fund – negotiations were successful.

Although there are many speculations about the official sponsorship figure, some side information says that the cost of Taylor’s one-night concert in Singapore is up to 4 million USD. However, the benefits from tourist spending will certainly outweigh this cost. According to HSBC statistics, hotel bookings in Singapore in March 2024 increased by 10%, and demand for air tickets increased by 20%.

Mr. Lem Ramos – a fan from the Philippines who came here with his wife said: What surprised me is that the Singapore government is very supportive of this activity, so even if tourists come here not to watch the tour, they still clearly feel this atmosphere here.

However, Singapore’s heavy spending on The Eras Tour in Singapore as well as the “speaking numbers” from The Eras Tour and Taylor Swift also make other countries in ASEAN restless, including competition.

Mr. Lee Hsien Loong emphasized: this is a harmonious benefit for both sides, and from the Singapore government’s perspective, this not only boosts the economy but also attracts tourists from other regions, no reason to say no. Why don’t we do this?

Taylor Swift is not the first case to help promote Singapore’s tourism activities. In the gloomy global economic and tourism context after the pandemic, Singapore has organized many music shows, rolled out the red carpet to welcome top international singers such as Black Pink, Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, and Coldplay – and in the future, Bruno Mars and Jerry Seinfeld.

The competition between countries to invite top stars to organize music events started after the pandemic when people wanted to participate in live events after the Blockdown period.

Taylor Swift’s six-day concert series in Singapore on March 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 9.

Zula commented that the show was as beautiful as a dream, overwhelming the audience from the first minutes. As the tunes of Cruel Summer played and dancers appeared with giant fans, the entire Singapore National Stadium erupted in cheers.

Also in this show, Taylor Swift talked about her connection to Singapore. When her mother was young, she lived in Singapore with her grandparents and aunt. Sometimes when she had time, she would go with her mother to Singapore to visit her old home and the school her mother had attended.

Country songs like Fearless, You Belong With Me and Love Story recall the image of a “country music princess” at one time, making the audience nostalgic for innocent childhood loves. The singer made the audience sway to the cheerful tunes of Black Space, Style and exploded with Ready for It or Look What You Made Me Do. Folklore and Evermore – two albums with many songs chosen by Taylor Swift to perform – demonstrate the singer’s outstanding composing skills. The Last Great American Dynasty or Willow performances are staged like a Broadway stage.

For the surprise songs part (surprise performances of songs outside the repertoire), she played the guitar and sang mash-ups of Mine and Starlight. The two songs are in the albums Speak Now (2010) and Red (2012), respectively. She also accompanied on piano and sang I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack – and Dress (song released in 2017).

The show’s performances were kept the same but still surprised the live audience with their grandeur, with emotions that were sometimes strong and sometimes profound. The Eras Tour fully depicts the portrait of a contemporary music star, with colorful arrays. The three hours partly reflect the singer’s 18 years of career, the musical “era” she created for herself, just like the name of the concert – The Eras Tour. During the show, many audiences cried and laughed along with Taylor.

The Eras Tour is Taylor Swift’s famous concert event, taking place on many continents. In October 2023, Taylor became a billionaire thanks to the success of the tour. In December 2023, Guinness recognized her Eras Tour as the highest-grossing concert series of all time, reaching more than one billion USD, surpassing Elton John’s record of 939 million USD, even though the Eras Tour has not yet ended. Taylor Swift earns about 85% of total ticket sales – a high rate that is rare in the music industry. She finished her latest show in Sydney, Australia on February 24.

Taylor Swift, 34 years old, is an American singer-songwriter, who rose to fame with country music in 2006. After 10 albums, Taylor received 14 Grammy awards and 29 Billboard awards. Besides performing tours, she released re-recorded albums such as Fearless, Red, 1989. She currently has a net worth of about 1.1 billion USD and was chosen by The Time as “Person of the Year” in 2023.

Economic experts say that Taylor Swift is a rare singer who became a billionaire solely thanks to her music activities, and this helped the female singer receive great praise. Forbes ranked Taylor Swift on par with many other music billionaires such as Rihanna, Madonna, and Celine Dion.

Taylor Swift Estimated Net Worth: music category about 400 million USD, income from ticket sales and souvenirs about 379 million USD, Income from Spotify and YouTube about 120 million USD, 5 houses are currently owned about, 110 million USD and commission from music copyright about 80 million USD.

[The Eras Tour] Singapore benefits greatly economically from Taylor Swift's appeal!
[The Eras Tour] Singapore benefits greatly economically from Taylor Swift’s appeal!